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Everquest II Extended offers a free-to-play option

by Steven Williamson on 29 July 2010, 12:16

Tags: EverQuest II (PC), Sony Online Entertainment (NYSE:SNE), MMOG

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A new free adventure service is coming to players worldwide with the release of EverQuest II Extended, a separate adventure to EverQuest II whose subscription model won't change.

Extended provides access to premium subscription-quality content through free and optional paid membership levels. Powered by a web-based download application, new and veteran players alike can experience EQII’s content without an installation or a massive download. Players can register within minutes and download the client.

Extended will include free access to all EverQuest II game zones through The Shadow Odyssey. Players will be able to purchase power-up potions, armor, classes, races, weapons, mounts and more through the marketplace.

Both EverQuest II and Extended players will enjoy a plethora of recent user-interface improvements designed to improve functionality and game navigation. Players will experience a new and improved character progression through the Golden Path while creating their own legend with the Storyteller adventure journal that visually displays quest exploration. Additionally, both titles received a graphics quality update..

The Extended adventure includes the recently added New Halas, the ultimate starting zone with premium designed content for players levels 1-20. Extended also gives players quick and convenient game access through the web-based streaming download application that lets players get into the game quicker than ever before. Extended will also feature multiple tiers of service upgrade options that allow players to customize their gaming experience to fit their needs.

Details of these options can be found at http://eq2players.station.sony.com/_themes/default/images/extended/membershipMatrix.jpg .

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I'm tempted to try it out and see how it compares against WoW.
Personally, not interested. A time-limited trial would be a possible, but on that account comparison chart, the bit that says “In-game popup advertising - frequent upgrade reminders” kills my possible interest stone dead.