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GTA IV system requirements revealed - will you need an upgrade?

by Parm Mann on 15 September 2008, 11:33

Tags: Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), PC, Shoot 'em up

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As most PC gamers will know, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV will be arriving on the PC on November 18th and 21st in North America and Europe, respectively.

What most gamers won't know, however, are the recommended system requirements. Rockstar itself has kept quiet on minimum specifications, but Microsoft's Games for Windows website seems to have inadvertently let slip the crucial details. So, will you need an upgrade? Check out the "recommended requirements" below:

Operating System Windows XP SP2
Processor Dual core processor (Intel Pentium D or better)
Hard Drive 18GB free hard disk space
Video Card 512MB Direct3D 10 compatible video card or Direct3D 9 card compatible with Shader
Optical Drive DVD-ROM dual-layer drive

The above recommendation appeared on the Games for Windows website over the weekend, but has since been removed. As Rockstar hasn't confirmed the details itself, we wouldn't pin these recommendations down as 100 per cent accurate, but, we've little reason to doubt them.

It's also worth noting that the above was listed as "recommended", minimum requirements haven't yet been divulged. The recommendation itself isn't particularly out of the ordinary, and most gaming systems won't struggle to get the game going. What you will need, though, is ample amounts of free hard disk space - 18GB, to be exact.


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18 gigs jesus christ! this best be worth it
18 gigs jesus christ! this best be worth it
Can anyone say torrent filler? :p
age of conan needs 32 gig
18gb these days is nothing when you think about the price of 1TB drives. Hex is conan any good? was looking at it but was holding off for warhammer, just wondering which of the two would be the better option.
Can anyone say torrent filler? :p

rather that then to add DRM crap and 3 installation allowed:)