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Epic's servers crumble under Mega Sale GTA V giveaway strain

by Mark Tyson on 14 May 2020, 18:11

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The Epic Mega Sale 2020 has begun. The firm might have opening expected fireworks with an AAA giveaway – GTA V Premium Edition – yours to claim and keep forever in your games library. Unfortunately, though Epic must have been predicted extraordinary levels of demand, the Epic Games Store (EGS) hasn't been able to cope and has figuratively DDoSed itself.

At the time of writing I can't reach the EGS at all via my home fibreinternet in England, trying to navigate to the store just results in a 500 error page featuring a 'back to store' button.

Epic has taken to Twitter to explain the situation, just in case it wasn't rather obvious what had happened / is happening.

Epic had been trailing a 'Mystery game' giveaway for a few days, breaking from tradition of being quite open about what was in the pipeline, and going so far as having a countdown timer underneath a mystery placeholder image. I read rumours that GTA V was going to be the giveaway, an ad leaked about 12 hours ago, and the giveaway news is currently trending on social media making the situation stickier.

If you would really like a free copy of GTA V , Epic should gave the gumption to get servers back up and working responsively before the giveaway period ends (21st May, so you have a week to claim it).

When the site is revived it is probably also worth looking through the Mega Sale 2020 items with up to 75 per cent off 'great games' and endless Epic coupons sent to buyers too. Apparently games such as Control, Borderlands 3, and Anno 1800 will have their prices slashed by half, and buyers will get those $10 coupons after every transaction too.

With GTA V on the free menu this week and the sale running for four weeks (until 11th June) one wonders what else Epic has lined up. Twitter games enthusiast and leakster Wario64 reckons The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is next up.

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Some great games have been given away and look to be given away :)
Working atm
Seems to be back to normal.
Some great games have been given away and look to be given away :)

Still hasn't enticed me to download their launcher though.
Which I have never understood but each to their own