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Classic 16-bit Disney platformers come to PC Mac, and Linux

by Mark Tyson on 5 August 2016, 11:01

Tags: Disney, Good Old Games

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Are you a fan of the 16-bit video gaming era? Perhaps you cut your gaming teeth on the Amiga, ST, SNES or Megadrive? If you did you may well have enjoyed playing classic Disney platformer games including Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book. Now GOG.com has announced it has partnered with Disney to bring these titles to PC, Mac, and Linux – DRM free.

The trio of Disney games have been "meticulously updated to be compatible with modern operating systems," says GOG. However, don't grab them and load them up expecting the graphics and sounds to be of the quality you would find in a modern, non-retro, platformer for PCs. Part of the deal with these games is that the original graphics, sound, and gameplay has been 'preserved' and on modern high-res screens that means you can see the zoomed pixels. That is not to say these are low-quality visuals, at the time of launch these games rocked "groundbreaking visuals," with Disney Digicel animation technology behind the graphics.

If you are interested in these revived 16-bit Disney gaming classics, they are available immediately via GOG.com. Each of the titles is currently listed at £6.29 (said to be 10 per cent off individually). If you want to grab them all you can save a much more impressive 33 per cent by buying the bundle at £14.07 (about £4.70 each). The bundle offer ends in just over three days, on 8th August at 12:59pm UTC.

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The picture of the Aladdin SNES cartridge had me worried they'd ported the Capcom version. Luckily it looks like the Megadrive version in video which was a far better game with much better animation. Sadly though it also looks like they used the texture files from the Megadrive version of Lion King which weren't as nice as the SNES ones.
I expect it's a Megadrive emulator running the ROM, all packaged up into a single executable.

I hope it has CRT emulation options.
I remember renting (yes, that was a thing) Aladdin for the SNES in my youth. It was a frustrating, relatively dull game at the time, especially compared with the high-quality games put out by other companies.

It's nice that they're giving the option to people who want to experience these legally on a PC (outside of the legally-grey area of ROM emulation), but of all the games people get nostalgic for, I don't believe I've ever heard anyone reminisce fondly of Disney games of the era.

To each their own, anyway :)