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Ubisoft soundly beats sales targets thanks to back-catalogue

by Mark Tyson on 10 July 2015, 12:14

Tags: Ubisoft (LON:UBI)

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Ubisoft has just published results for its financial quarter ending 30th June, referred to this period as its 'first quarter of fiscal 2015-16'. The results are better than expectations, with games sales bringing in €96.6 million, previously only €80 million had been forecast. These latest financials show another couple of interesting points; a breakdown of sales by platform reveals the PC to currently be the second most important market segment to Ubisoft, and digital sales accounted for 56 per cent of total sales versus 23.2 per cent the prior year.

While the most recent results are good for Ubisoft the sales figures are dwarfed by those from the 2014 quarter encompassing the launch of Watch Dogs, illustrating the impact the launch of a highly anticipated title can have on video games sales. In financial Q1 2014 Ubisoft brought in €360.1 million, that is nearly quadruple the financial Q1 2015 sales revenue.

Looking at Ubisoft's breakdown of sales by platform, above, it is interesting to see that PC sales are currently second only to PS4 sales. The PS4 games market provided 27 per cent of Ubisoft's sales with the PC only slightly behind at 23 per cent. Microsoft's Xbox one is in equal third place alongside the old PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, all at 11 per cent.

The most recent quarter was buoyed by better than expected sales of Assassin's Creed Unity and sustained demand for back catalogue games such as Far Cry 4, The Crew and Watch Dogs. Looking ahead Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that "E3 2015 confirmed that the video games industry is in excellent shape." He further expects to see a "strong growth dynamic in the PC and console market," during the rest of the year with games such as Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Ghost Recon Wildlands and Rainbow Six Siege in the pipeline and possibly thanks to new IPs For Honor and The Division being prepared.

The financial Q2 2015 release schedule looks pretty uninspiring though. It consists only of; MIGHT & MAGIC HEROES VII on PC, RABBIDS APPISODES on Android and iOS and TOY SOLDIERS WAR CHEST on PC POS4 and Xbox One.

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I'm not sure whether to be happy that Ubisoft might be forced to take notice of PC, or sad that people keep buying their terrible PC versions in the first place in order to create this statistic…
Wii-U sales increased 300% !!! :D
Haven't purchased a UBI game for a while, the last few have been buggy as hell….in fact they have been so bad they have made me stop playing them in frustration, which is ironic as I played Batman: AK from beginning to end without any real issues and that has been removed form the steam store!
Wii-U sales increased 300% !!! :D
Increased 200% not 300% unless of course they where rounding up from let's say 0.75% to 1% then it would be 300% increase to 3% :P

Poor Nintendo :P
sustained demand for back catalogue games such as Far Cry 4, The Crew and Watch Dogs.

So are they counting sale profits or number of copies sold since 2 of these games can be purchased for a fraction of the price from other sellers, why pay £55 (although they have it on sale this week at £36) to Uplay for FC4 when it can be purchased for £15 elsewhere, the Crew at £25 (£14 elsewhere) and Watch Dogs can be picked up far around £1.50 (around £2.00 if you want the season pass with it) on some sites.