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Watch Dogs 2 in development, according to senior Ubisoft dev

by Mark Tyson on 1 May 2015, 12:51

Tags: Ubisoft (LON:UBI)

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Watch Dogs 2 has been confirmed to be in development, according to an online CV published on business-centric social network LinkedIn. VideoGamer unearthed the reference to the game in the profile of Julien Risse, a senior gameplay programmer who works at Ubisoft's Paris studio.

While the upcoming game was listed within Mr Risse's background experience yesterday, today it is absent from that list. The Ubisoft France programmer's profile now only confirms that he worked upon Watch Dogs the DLC follow up 'Bad Blood' since he gained his present senior position at Ubisoft in December 2013. Previously Risse worked upon the first web-based MMORPG version of the Might&Magic franchise.

The development of a Watch Dogs sequel has been previously suggested by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. VideoGamer reports that the sequel will "appeal to fans in a new way," according to creative director Jonathan Morin in January. Morin added that the original Watch Dogs offered plenty of scope for improvement. Ubisoft Montreal VP of creative, Lionel Raynaud, agreed. He said that the new game will tackle "flaws and surprise players," in quite radical ways. Furthermore the new game will require Ubisoft to "develop technologies that we didn't have for Watch Dogs".

Since the publication of the original VideoGamer story Julien Risse's LinkedIn profile has been edited and the reference to Watch Dogs 2 removed.

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Watch Dogs was a massive dissapointment afrer years of development and all those teasers gameplay videos. I am not expecting much from the sequel, defo will not be pre ordering it anyway.
Developers are pretty absentminded about their LinkedIn profiles aren't they, this isn't the first time this has happened.

Regardless, not getting my hopes up, Watch Dogs looked like such a disappointment I didn't even bother picking it up. Not sure it will be any different this time around but we'll see.
Fell for it first with Watchdogs. Definitely will not be pre-ordering this, maybe not even buying it at all unless the reviews actually state it is good.
Can they please make it work on the PC this time?

I was stupid enough to buy this game before reading all the reviews that basically slammed its PC performance. It pulled off the trick of having ok-ish but not great graphics but able to bring the most powerful rigs juddering to a halt.

If the reviews say Ubi has learned its lesson, I will buy it. If they don't, I won't.
It's UBI, might as well give up hoping it's going to be good.

Been burnt over and over with them - no more!