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Microsoft says $399 Xbox One lite rumours are unfounded

by Mark Tyson on 4 February 2014, 09:24

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Despite the rumours seemingly being corroborated by multiple sources there will be no cheaper Microsoft Xbox One model lacking the launch version's Blu-ray ODD drive it seems. Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios Group at Microsoft, Tweeted in reply to an enquiry about the rumours that there is no such $399 Xbox One in the works.

A new Microsoft Xbox One 'lite' was widely rumoured late last week, to be coming to market in 2014. This cheaper version of the Xbox One was said to lack the original's Blu-ray ODD drive as part of how it had its costs reduced but would go head to head in pricing against Sony's PlayStation 4 console. VG247 cited a "well respected source" for the information and the reporter detailed how Microsoft had been briefing developers and publishers about the new ODD-less machine. Eurogamer reminds us that an Xbox One without an ODD drive was apparently seriously considered last year, following the E3 show, according to Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer.

Also late last week rumours about an upcoming version of the Xbox One in a white chassis and the launch of a 1TB storage console model being readied for later in 2014 combined in the swirling media rumour clouds.

Now at least some of the above rumours can be put to rest following a Tweet by Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg. In reply to the question of "is this $399 xbox one rumor true?" from 'Anchorman V',Greenberg cheekily Tweeted the reply "No, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet..."

Price is a very important part of the marketing mix. The Sony PS4 launched at $399.

However as HEXUS readers will know - to get the right answer you've got to ask the right question and the question about the price is rather limited in its scope to cover all the rumours mentioned above. So we are left with knowing that there won't be a new Xbox One launched at $399 in the foreseeable future but there could be a ODD-less version, in white, with 1TB drive coming out at a similar but not exactly $399 price point this year.

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Maybe it's just the picture, but the white one doesn't look nearly as much of a design train-wreck as the normal black one does.

Question: if there's no optical drive does that mean that it's download only to get games? Or is there some (really clever but unlikely) arrangement where you can share out an optical drive image from your Window8.1 PC?
Microsoft denying something…..must be true then.
Keep the optical drive and make Kinnect optional.

Keep the optical drive and make Kinnect optional.

Agreed. With mandatory Kinect, my interest = 0. It's not my only reservation, but it's enough all by itself,
Keep the optical drive and make Kinnect optional.

Thats what i've seen mentioned on other sites, and that makes far more sense.

Kinect is expensive, ODD drives barely cost anything at all these days.

And as someone who would never use kinect willingly, a version without one would make me consider an xbox-one for the first time.