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4.2 million PlayStation 4s, 3 million Xbox One consoles sold

by Mark Tyson on 8 January 2014, 11:29

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Total sales figures of the next generation games consoles, for the period up to and including the Christmas holidays, were made available yesterday by the respective tech giants. As you can see from the headline; the Sony PlayStation 4 came out ahead of the Microsoft Xbox One by making 4.2 million worldwide sales compared to 3 million sales across 13 territories.

Sony PlayStation 4

For the period ending 28th December 2013 Sony sold 4.2 million PS4 consoles worldwide, reports MCV. The tally confirms that the PS4 has been the biggest most successful console launch of all time.

"The momentum of the PS4 system keeps getting stronger and we couldn’t be more thrilled that gamers worldwide are enjoying the incredibly immersive gaming experiences along with deep social capabilities and entertainment provided by our network ," said Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.

It was also revealed by Sony that over 9.7 million games were sold for the new system; that's a 2.3 attach rate – games industry observers.

Microsoft Xbox One

Also yesterday Microsoft's Xbox corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi revealed that over 3 million Xbox One consoles had been sold before the end of 2013. "It's been incredible to see Xbox One selling at a record-setting pace for Xbox, and we were honoured to see Xbox One become the fastest-selling console in the U.S. during our launch month in November," said Mehdi.

The Xbox One availability isn't quite as widespread as the PS4 so that might ease any worries at Microsoft. MCV says that Microsoft will have new and updated figures for Xbox One and associated sales as part of its earnings announcement on 23rd January.

PlayStation Now

Sony has announced the upcoming launch of an interesting new game streaming service called PlayStation Now. As you can see from the Infographic below, the service will allow the vast library of PlayStation games to be streamed and played on a wide array of hardware.

The PlayStation Now service makes use of Gaikai’s advanced cloud-based technology. The service will launch in the US this summer but some people will be beta testing it starting from this month. Initially only Sony hardware will be able to utilise the technology (including PS4, PS3, PS Vita and 2014 Bravia TV models) but it will be expanded to other internet connected devices in the future.

To make use of PlayStation Now customers will be able to rent items on a one-off basis or sign up for a subscription service. We are also told that games and your progress within them will be saved in the Sony Entertainment Network cloud so you can continue games across devices.

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I am still staggered by the fact we are in a recession, these new consoles cost a lot, they had sod-all exclusive launch day titles, sod-all must have launch day titles, yet have already sold over 7 million units between them.

That's worldwide though right?
Microsoft have really shot themselves in the foot in the UK by launching with a huge bug (the 50/60hz problem), and not bothering to include their TV/Media integration services from the get go (not even for the most popular/standard set top boxes).

I'd have bought one on day one had those features been working..it is the big attraction imo :(

Interesting to finally see some information about the PS4 streaming service though - any word on whether this means we'll definitely have to repurchase all our games? I'm the type of person who will eventually get both consoles (as I did with the previous gen) a year or so apart, but I would go and buy a PS4 tomorrow if I knew I could keep on playing the games I already own on PS3. I have a horrible feeling that we'll have to buy them though…fingers crossed I am proved wrong so they can have my £400! It's not an issue for me with XBO as I only have 4 xbox 360 games :D

Otherwise there is no incentive to buy one at the moment - not a single PS4 exclusive game worth thinking about yet, whilst I still have 5-6 AAA titles to finish on my PS3..many of my friends are in the same position, and most who have bought a PS4 (and then subseqently traded in killzone after 1 day!) have pretty much switched back to PS3 for the time being.

It will be interesting to see the numbers again in a few months when both companies finish launching their respective killer features
I think PS4 would have sold more in the UK if it was actually in stock anywhere, and I don't mean in stock for 549.99 in a bundle.
I've actually been quite annoyed with the Sony news coming out of CES… Apart from Playstation Now (which I don't trust will work until I see it in action after the OnLive crap) all the news is LOOK AT HOW POPULAR WE ARE!! LOOK AT HOW MANY CONSOLES WE'VE SOLD!!

Great. I got one as well. What the hell can I do with it? Instead of blowing your own trumpet how about showing us what we can actually do with the thing because at the moment I have a £400 netflix box.