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British police unhappy with Reservoir Dogs

by Steven Williamson on 1 August 2006, 10:03

Tags: Eideos Interactive Reservoir Dogs on Xbox , Eidos (TYO:9684), Action/Adventure

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It's looking as though us whinging poms may be the next in line to ban the controversial Reservoir Dogs from Eidos. Having already been banned in Australia due to overtly violent content, Reservoir Dogs features a threat function that allows you to intimidate your opponent.

The Yorkshire post has reported that several British police chief are complaining that there is too much violence against police officers.

"Players can take police officers hostage and go on to burn out their eyes with a lit cigar, chop off their fingers with a cigar cutter, and hack off their ears using a scalpel, while the police officers plead for their lives and scream in pain," said the Yorkshire Post.

The West Yorkshire Police Federation chairman, Tom McGhie, claims that the game is a "sickening glorification of violence against police officers. It's impossible to see how such a game can have anything other than a highly damaging effect on how people perceive and react to police officers."

I'm sure the game won't give me the urge to chop off a policeman's ear, but burn their eyes with a lit cigar....that's what I'm talking about.

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I'll agree that it does sound pretty violent, and does merit an 18 rating from the BBFC, but thats as far as it should go. Its not the game thats to blame, its the parents that let their children play it. However, like i said, it does sound as if its been made slightly over-violent, and im sick of hearing of developers making games about films, they're crap! Like the film-industry, the games industry is turning into a crap-churning, money-hungry machine that consistently produces squishy ones, and seldom anything groundbreaking
I don't think it should be banned, but I do think its taking it too far making the Police a specific target in game, however, I'm not actually bothered even though one of my brothers is in the Police.

The reason why I'd say the GTA series got away with their level of violence is that it was indiscriminate acts of violence if you choose.

Instead of making truly innovative games, it would seem that the console gaming industry has to stoop to making games that shock and cause contraversy. :)
Um if they made this game without a copper as a target it may aswell be thrown in the bin almost the last entire half of the movie is the coppers getting done in by the guys. Its like having a superman game then removing all his abilties. Pointless if they removed it. The movie never got banned and in that you see two coppers get shot to bits through their patrol car window, you see the copper getting beat about, covered in petrol and terrorized for atleast 30 minutes and then you see his ear cut off and beat up some more.

A Game is just that and people need to stop whining about it, if you are stupid enough to do the same as you see in a game then you need locking up anyway. Resevoir Dogs is one of my all time favourite movies but I don't go about attacking police officers.
Grey M@a
Its like having a superman game then removing all his abilties.

They've done a few of those … (gosh - remember some REALLY bad Superman games!)
Its been banned in Oz already due to the level of violence.

Look at Rockstars releases over the past few years. Manhunt and the GTA series come straight to mind, bad publicity sells games. Even if it is just to find out what all the hype is about. I had Manhunt on the X Box and have to admit it is a pretty linear naff game, I bought it to see just what it was about and wasn't impressed. I've never liked the GTA games from day one, no real structure or goal in my eyes.

However I do love Mafia, yeah it is kind of like the GTA games but it has a lot more substance with story and characters. Reservoir Dogs, I'm not sure about. I'm quite surprised that they have actually managed to create a game from the movie. It's not exactly game material, even if it covers the heist there is still not a lot there to create a game with. I also love the movie, it has a superb script that draws you in from the moment it starts.

I agree with what has been said about parents allowing children play games like this, there is no way that I would let any of my 3 anywhere near a game like this. I was playing through Prey last week and made sure the kids were in bed or in another room before I even started it up with it having an 18 cert on it.

Violence in games is becoming more the norm, it seems to make people want to buy it moreso. Then throw in that bad publicity and you have a best seller even if the game itself is a steaming pile…. People will buy the game, it is a minority that will copy off what they see. When you think of sales figures for some of the 18 cert games out there already, how many of those thousands of people actually mimic what they see. Like I said it is a severe minority, this is what gets the majority a bad name that just play games to chill and relax.