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Bungie's secret project described as "WoW in space"

by Steven Williamson on 17 February 2011, 11:24

Tags: FPS

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Ever since Bungie let grip on its insanely popular Halo franchise and joined forces with Activision in a ten-year deal, all eyes have been on the studio wondering what type of game it will be working on next.

Kotaku claims to have the scoop on the secret Bungie project, which was apparently revealed to them by an ex-Bungie employee. Codenamed “Tiger,” but actually called “Destiny” the new game will apparently be an MMO set in outer space. Kotaku’s source describes the project as “WoW in space”.

In an Activision investor call last week, the publisher stated that Bungie’s new universe “represents huge long term potential” but didn’t reveal any more details on the game. Bungie has yet to comment on the speculation.

Source – Kotaku

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