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London consumer videogames event set for the Summer

by Steven Williamson on 2 April 2009, 14:41

Tags: HMV

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Backed by HMV UkeSA, Game On! London will be the UK's only confirmed consumer videogames event in 2009.

‘Game On! London’, will be staged at London’s famous Olympia Exhibition Centre between 20th – 21st June, 2009, and is expected to draw more than 25,000 games enthusiasts from all over the country.

The event will showcase the very latest games for all the major platforms and the most cutting-edge gaming technology. The expo-event will also play host to the Dell XPS Premiership Season One finals, which will see the UK’s top eSports teams clash in what has become the most hotly contested gaming league ever.

“Game On! London represents a superb opportunity to create a memorable landmark event that will enable us to get even closer to the

game-playing customers that we value so much,”
said Tim Ellis, HMV Head of Games. “Working in close partnership with UkeSA, our key aim is to bring all facets and genres of gaming together under roof to create a very special and unforgettable two-day festival of gaming.”

An announcement regarding ticket availability and prices will be made shortly, alongside the event line-up.

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About time
About time

You mean aside from the week long eurogamer expo last year in september (I think it was)?

Might try and blag a ticket :D
I'd go to this. We need something decent over here, the US gets E3 and the like, we get naff all!
I'd love to go but I'm away that weekend :(
Interested, but I've been to a couple of these things already and most of them aren't that good. Eurogamer expo was neat, needed more PC stuff and also me with more time because I was at the thing for most of the time I was there.