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Is this the first look at KOTOR III?

by Steven Williamson on 27 February 2008, 10:18

Tags: LucasArts Entertainment, Action/Adventure

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Concept images revealed?

Though it still hasn’t been confirmed by Lucas Arts, concept images rumoured to be from Knights of the Old Republic III may have surfaced on the net.

The artwork is said to have been drawn by James Zhang, an artist who includes Lucas Arts amongst his clients on his website.

A folder full of concept images said to be from KOTOR III were apparently found in a hidden folder on the website and have now been uploaded to photobucket.

For fear of copyright issues, we won’t be revealing the artwork here, instead you can view them at photobucket.

In a recent presentation to analysts the existence of a new KOTOR game was 'unofficially confirmed' when Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello revealed a slide that had Bioware's upcoming development line-up as being "Mass Effect (PC), Dragon Age, KOTOR, [and a] New MMO."

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Ooo, baddies. This could be a blinder and it's being made by Bioware themselves - drool.

Still, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed could take KOTORs crown.