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Call of Duty: WWII promotional material leaks online

by Mark Tyson on 27 March 2017, 12:01

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Last year Activision Blizzard's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare got a lot of flak from gamers. The official announcement YouTube trailer has been peppered by dislikes (3.52 million) and is only usurped by Justin Beiber's Baby ft Ludacris (7.15 million thumbs down) among the all-time most hated top 100 videos. Nevertheless, in December last year, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare scalped the 7th CoD UK Xmas No.1 chart position.

The set-in-space CoD game from last year prompted a statement from Activision to its investors, suggesting they shrug off the dislikes. It turns out that a similar social media reaction to Black Ops II didn't stop that title being Activision's most successful game ever. Nevertheless in an earnings call by the publishers in Feb, Activision Blizzard signalled that the 2017 edition of Call of Duty would go "back to its roots". Company COO Thomas Tippl said that "traditional combat will once again take centre stage," and that he "can't wait to unveil it to the world soon." Usually CoD titles get unveiled in April or May, reports Polygon. CoD started with WWII themed games and later went modern, futuristic, and even touched upon sci-fi.

Over the weekend a series of images have leaked and they appear to show that 2017's CoD outing does indeed hark back to the past. The artwork shows scenes from what appears to be the Allied landings on Normandy beaches in 1944.

If you head over to Reddit you can see promotional material for a game dubbed Call of Duty: WWII. There are six images in all and they look like posters and 'steelbook' DVD packaging. I've embedded some of them above for your convenience.

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So a WW2 reskin then?
Good :) The WW2 COD games were easily the best in the series, and whilst I did really enjoy modern warfare..nothing quite beats the “ping” you get from an empty M1 Garand. I have not finsihed the latest one yet (still only about 50% through the story) which is unusual for me as I generally prefer the heavily scripted single player experience that COD gave you. I just really cannot be bothered.

The recent games have tried to change this original formula - things like being able to choose your weapon loadout, flexibility to do missions in different orders, adding annoying special abilities to single player…all of those things have pretty much ruined what COD was always about - good simple gunplay and good scripted stories.

I really hope they strip things back to basics for this new one and realise that all those extra bits of fluff they added are simply not needed. Or just remake COD 2 in a new engine with 4k textures, that would keep me and many other fans just as happy.
Sounds like they're also trying to head off Dice at the pass with their inevitable revisiting of WW2. BF 1940 with BF 1941/1944 DLC seems probable.
The Hand;3789220
Sounds like they also trying to heading off Dice at the pass with their inevitable revisiting of WW2. BF 1940 with BF 1941/1944 DLC seems probable.

The Americans didn't enter WW2 until 1942, so I doubt they would set the game before that time…
The Americans didn't enter WW2 until 1942, so I doubt they would set the game before that time…

Sure they would. Then you can buy the AMERICAN ARMY DLC with loads of extra skins and guns.

Honestly this game has raised an eyebrow, but little more.
COD2 was easily the most fun I have ever had in any computer game ever. I racked up thousands of hours worth of time in it and have very fond memories.

The issue with COD now, is there is no way they could go back to that. The brilliance of the game was that it was simple. There was no weapon add ons, no progression system, no perks, no “call in” bonus'…. it was just purely competitive and relatively slow paced game play thanks to the huge focus on bolt action rifles.

Kids these days don't want that, they expect fast, they expect flashy, they expect e-peen rankings and rewards, they expect maximum customisation. I'm not saying all of these things are guaranteed to ruin the game, but when the developer spends huge amounts of time gearing something up around the “extras”, its almost inevitable that the core game play suffers.
BF1 has warmed to me a bit, I have managed to get a bit of enjoyment out of it but I still find myself stepping away from it from time to time, frustrated that it just doesn't feel competitive and as engaging in its pure game play as it should be. I find myself playing the game to achieve the “rewards” rather than just to get better at the game and rack up the big scores.

This game will end up being a rinse and repeat, run and gun, fast paced spray fest with limited value to those of us who just want to enjoy the competition.