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Nintendo 3DS most preordered console of all time on Amazon

by Steven Williamson on 17 March 2011, 12:41

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Amazon.co.uk has announced that the Nintendo 3DS handheld console has become the most pre-ordered console of all-time on , overtaking PlayStation 3 which previously held the record when launched in March 2007.

With a week still to go until launch, the new handheld console has 20% more pre-orders than PlayStation 3 achieved by launch date and 56% more than the previously most pre-ordered Nintendo console, Nintendo Wii, in 2006.

Nintendo 3DS has also beaten Amazon.co.uk pre-orders achieved by any other DS console with 255% more than those for Nintendo DSi in 2009.

Interest in Nintendo 3DS is reflected in the charts on Amazon.co.uk with the console already featuring twice in the top ten bestsellers chart and games made for the new handheld console – Ridge Racer 3D, Pilot Wings Resort, Super Monkey Ball 3D, Rayman 3D and Super Street Fighter IV – all occupying spots in the top twenty Hot Future Releases.

The top five most pre-ordered consoles/gaming hardware of all-time on Amazon.co.uk are:

1. Nintendo 3DS – launching 25 March 2011
2. PlayStation 3 – launched March 2007
3. Nintendo Wii – launched December 2006
4. Microsoft Kinect – launched November 2010
5. PlayStation Move – launched September 2010

Nintendo 3DS will be released on Friday 25th March 2011 and is currently priced at £187.00 at Amazon.co.uk

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I've pre-ordered mine, but from gamestation because I got a good deal for trading in my dsi xl and some games. I tried a console out in the store the other day and it convinced me instantly, if something can put a smile on my face that quickly it's enough to convince me.
Still looking for a gd deal, should order one soon.

Any colour?