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Dice+ Announces Developer Site and Forthcoming Plans

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For immediate release - The European company Game Technologies who created DICE+, the first electronic dice, today announces it's officially launching its developer site http://developers.dicepl.us. The company is inviting game developers to create digital board games for tablets (Developer Pack available for only US$99 including shipping worldwide). Game Technologies is also announcing that the customer version of DICE+ will be available for preorder during Summer 2013.

Following the level of interest from resellers and consumers at last year's E3, Game Technologies has been working behind the scenes over the past few months to seek further investment and increase its original production number from tens of thousands to half of a million units.

The new investor gave the company another big advantage the possibility to build the production line in Europe. By doing so, Game Technologies will guarantee higher quality in its products.

"We believe people are wired to play games in the company of each other we can't just ignore 5,000 years of board games evolution" said David Gatti, Marketing and PR Director - "and now we know we can deliver this great experience to powered board games."

When it comes to technology, DICE+ after 2 years of R&D, pushes the boundaries of gaming peripherals, with key features including:

  • accelerometer,
  • magnetic field sensor,
  • Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0 (Low Energy),
  • independent touch sensitive sides,
  • 6 LEDs that can glow in any color,
  • a battery that gives you up to 20h of game play,
  • a standby of 6 months,
  • a microUSB for easy charging,
  • and yes, a thermometer.

This is what Game Technologies aims to do in every product. Get the latest technology available and create products that that are intuitive and easy to use.

Any game developer can register at http://developers.dicepl.us and buy a Developer Kit. The package will hold a unique DICE+, but instead of the blue casing, developers will get a special transparent one as a thank you for supporting the technology.