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Visit In-Win At The Multiplay i45 LAN Event

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May 4th -7th in Telford!

Taoyuan, Taiwan , April 18th 2012 - In-Win Development Inc has today announced its attendance at the i45 LAN Event in Telford, UK. The Multiplay LAN events are the largest in the UK serving thousands the most passionate PC gamers, and In-Win is proud to be among the leading sponsors.

As an innovator and multiple red dot design winner, In-Win is committed to the PC gaming and PC enthusiast scene, and will have a booth during the event in the exhibition area showcasing its latest white Dragon Rider PC chassis, Commander II PSUs and new GreenMe PSUs! In-Win invites all attendees to see and experience its new gaming hardware.

For more information about In-Win products on display at i45, please visit the following links:

Dragon Rider PC Chassis:

Commander II PSU:

GreenMe PSU:

For more information about the Multiplay i45 LAN event, please visit these links for more details: