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Panasonic reveals I-playTV service

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Oberon Media, the world's leading multi-platform casual games company, today announced a partnership with Panasonic, a leader in Full HD 3D technology and connected TV web entertainment that will make Oberon's I-playTV a dedicated channel on Panasonic's 2011 line of VIERA Connect enabled VIERA HDTVs. I-playTV is Oberon Media's flagship casual game channel for connected televisions. The I-playTV service will feature top franchises from I-play's library of hit casual games such as Dream Day Wedding (played more than 100 million times online), Bubble Town and Paradise Quest, many hit licensed games, and classics such as Solitaire and Texas Hold'em.

I-playTV will have prominent placement on Panasonic's VIERA Connect IPTV service and will be featured alongside other premium entertainment services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Hulu, and Fox Sports. The I-playTV service was customized for Panasonic's VIERA Connect IPTV feature on large screen HDTVs and is wholly managed by Oberon Media.

"I-playTV has emerged as the service of choice on connected devices and our partnership with Panasonic cements our leadership role in the connected television space," said Sharon Rosenman, Senior Director of iTV Business Partnerships for Oberon Media. "The VIERA Connect service provides premium entertainment content directly to the user. By incorporating I-playTV into Panasonic's VIERA Connect IPTV service, we will be delivering our games into millions of living rooms."

"We are very excited to have Oberon's I-playTV game service as part of our VIERA Connect IPTV offerings in 2011," said Panasonic Corporation of North America Vice President Merwan Mereby. "VIERA Connect is taking connected TV to a whole new level of interactivity for consumers to deliver an unprecedented, more robust, two-way interactive set of features such as Oberon's I-playTV game service for consumers to enjoy directly through their Panasonic VIERA HDTVs."

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