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Call Of Duty Elite: Q&A - explained and dissected

by Steven Williamson on 6 June 2011, 12:51

Tags: FPS

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The Program Guide sounds cool, but I’m an average player. How can I have a chance to participate in competition?
·         Just like a sport, we believe competing in Call of Duty should be fun and accessible regardless of skill. Highly skilled players may want to join the most competitive Leagues and Tournaments, while a more moderate player can find Operations, Events and Clan competitions that are tailored based on their skill level or particular play style. We want all Elite players to find a range of competition that fits them, and gives them a chance to succeed.

Is Elite only for hardcore players?

·         Connect, Compete and Improve are universal needs regardless of skill, and Elite has been tailored for Call of Duty’s diverse base of players. If you are a hardcore “Prestige” player or a casual weekend warrior, you can enjoy personalized communities, daily competition and events, community-generated video content, and a dynamic strategy guide that tracks your statistics and performance trends. Elite also will offer high-production value, original entertainment programming designed exclusively for the Call of Duty community. Different players will use Elite in different ways, but we want there to be something for everyone.

Will Elite support Call of Duty: Black Ops?
·         Yes. Because Elite was designed to be deeply integrated into Modern Warfare 3, not all of the features will be able to be part of the beta with Black Ops this summer. When Modern Warfare 3 launches this fall, players will be able to have a unified relationship through Elite – they can create a single profile in Elite and build their career in Call of Duty that will carry forward as they play every supported Call of Duty game.

How is Elite different with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?
·         The Beachhead team has been working closely with Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games to build Elite from the ground up to support Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. When Elite launches this November, the service will include a number of all-new features and innovations being built directly by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Gamesinto the new game. For example, your Elite community Group and Clan affiliations and identity will be incorporated directly into Modern Warfare 3.

When will Elite launch?
·         The service will launch with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 this November 8th, 2011.

Where will Elite be available?
·         Elite will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. In addition, there will be custom Elite applications available on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

How can I become a member?
·         With the roll out of the Call of Duty Elite beta this summer on Call of Duty: Black Ops, players can sign up on to queue up for participation. Once the platform officially launches with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th, players will be able to enter the service in through a variety of ways, which we will be announcing later this year.

So, if I just want to buy Map Packs standalone, I can still do that?

·         Yes. Call of Duty Elite has been built around the tenets of value and choice. To us that choice means that players who purchase Modern Warfare 3, who want to extend the game may prefer the option of a map pack. We will continue to offer that option. So if you want to just buy a map pack only, no problem.

If I get the premium membership to Elite, do I really get all of the DLC?
·         Yes. Elite is an all-inclusive membership, and that means you get all of the playable game DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as part of your premium membership. No need to buy additional DLC.

Will there be Customer Service?
·         Absolutely. It’s a priority for us that Elite membership comes with 24/7 worldwide customer service. We will have a team dedicated to programming, administration, and service, starting with our public beta this summer.

Why announce now if you can’t show us all the Modern Warfare 3 launch features and pricing?
·         Elite was designedfrom the ground up to integrate with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Therefore, many of the services which will be a part of the premium membership will not be able to be demonstrated fully until the launch of Modern Warfare 3. The reason we launched the service ahead of that time was to invite people to participate in a public beta of the service using Black Ops, which will help to test the service at scale and fine tune it before its official release this November. The premium membership to Elite also will include many industry firsts, and will represent the ultimate Call of Duty experience.

Are you letting people buy prestige weapons or levels through Elite?
·         No, players are not able to buy prestige weapons or levels through Elite. While Call of Duty Elite wants to help people become better players, there’s still only one way to level up to new weapons, XP and prestige, and that’s to earn it in game.

When will launch details be released?
·         Throughout the summer we will be talking about Elite in detail, so stay tuned for more information.

Who is Beachhead Studios?

·         Beachhead is a new development studio, who is creating the Elite service for the Call of Duty franchise. We are entirely focused on making Elite the best gaming service in the world, and improving it every day. Our Beachhead Studio will be supporting our Call of Duty games throughout the year.

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Thanks for the info, thats interesting news..i've signed up for the beta, curious how it will play out.

The pricing is going to be key - and also how many map/content packs get released over the lifetime of MW3 - it may work out only slightly more expensive to go for the elite sub than to buy all the expansions - that would be the deciding factor for many I think (and a good way for them to make money!)
I was thinking never mind an "Elite“ service, how about a ”CannonFodder“ one - for those of us for whom if it CoD was real we probably would have accidentally shot ourselves in the foot!

Seriously though, the biggest problem I've found with MP is that it seems to be very difficult to get-a-foot-in-the-door. It's fine for the clanned up folks with lightning reflexes that live and breath it. But if you're a solitary old duffer who just wants to drop in for a quick snipe at the weekend then you're outta luck.

Yes, I know there's these ”ranking" systems, but I've yet to find a single one that actually works on the lower levels. E.g. last time I was on MoH (as a level 1 n00b) I was being pitted against folks who were 20 to 30 levels above me. I felt like the Russian recruit at the start of CoD2 who's given a wooden rifle and some potatoes to throw! :shocked2: And did about as well.

(yes, I know … I'm pathetic!)

Given that, I can't help thinking that “Elite” this is all a little desperate - Activision trying to wring the very last vestiges of money from the CoD franchise. Actually though, this probably annoys me less than the increasing tendency of games publishers to “give” you one-time codes for essential features, that mean it's going to be more expensive to get a game second hand (e.g. the most recent example of this being Dirt3, where you seem to need a “VIP pass” for online play). (sorry that this is off-topic to an extent).
I know what you mean - the average standard of players on some games is so high that it can take some while before you stand a chance. Black Ops did offer a training mode, but the level the bots are set is some way below the level of the average human player.
I know what you mean - the average standard of players on some games is so high that it can take some while before you stand a chance. Black Ops did offer a training mode, but the level the bots are set is some way below the level of the average human player.
So what's the answer - just “suck it up”, accept you're going to be free XP for everyone else and just keep at the 1-v-1 deathmatches (obviously can't do any of the team based stuff without clanning up)?

Nice to hear that it's not just my cow-like reflexes and other people have problems…! :D
In my experience it's just simply time playing the game and finding the right server for you; some are populated by relatively poor players and others are full of top players. Some games offer level caps on some servers (eg: BFBC2 where there are servers for those under a specified rank). It can also help to get into tough games by playing a support class to start with; hanging back slightly and keeping everyone in medkits or ammo - these soon get your scoring going and a poor k:d ratio is salved by high scores in support actions.

I wouldn't go for 1 on 1. Go for a team deathmatch mode and try and work with others rather going alone where you are more vulnerable - no need to be in a clan either.