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Samsung ramps up its Unpacked event teasers

by Mark Tyson on 20 July 2020, 10:11

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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Samsung's big Unpacked event is due to be held on Wednesday, 5th August - a little over a fortnight from today. Mobile phone enthusiasts and smartphone industry watchers are understandably a little excited about the event. Power users will likely to be drawn to one of the new Samsung Galaxy Note20 phones, and looking at the teasers released by Samsung over recent hours/days, we will be getting a new foldable device launch too.

A few hours ago Samsung released a teaser which indicates the appearance of a new foldable at Unpacked next month. "One fold, infinite possibilities," was the textual hint, below it an animation of a bronze coloured substance dripping down and transforming into a 'butterfly' which is a similar shape to a pair of foldable devices opened, back to back as is popular in product renders.

At the time of writing no one is really sure whether this foldable will be a follow up to the Fold - thought to be dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - or a sequel to the portrait orientation Galaxy Z Flip (which was only launched back in Feb). The problematic saga of the original Galaxy Fold meant that its release was postponed for months last year, eventually making it into consumer hands in late Sept 2019.

The teaser animation ends with a shape that looks a bit like a butterfly, which was a design strongly featuring on Samsung Galaxy Fold marketing materials and was indeed the default wallpaper on the device. Along with the approximate year timing, perhaps the unveil is more likely to be a sequel to the original Galaxy Fold.

Rumours point to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 possessing a larger cover display, with a 7.7-inch opened up display, with the latest and beefiest specs you would expect. It might be too much to hope that whatever foldable Samsung presents at Unpacked it will be a bit more affordably priced that the first gen.

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another fail with unfolding phone for £2k? thanks but no thanks
another fail with unfolding phone for £2k? thanks but no thanks

It had a specific target audience and was effectively a large scale prototype to test on tech nerds. I think people like us were never even close to being in the target market and as a result, will naturally reject it as preposterous.

Speaking of £2 grand, Vodafone want me to upgrade to an S20 for £71/month. Total cost of contract is £1733. I've been with them for a couple of decades and I'm sick of going through this “I'm going to leave” tosh every time to get a reasonable offer, combined with waiting ages on the phone or web chat. Competitors are offering the same for £40 / month - TCO is £999. Still a huge amount of cash but at least in the realms of acceptable.

I think I might just terminate my DD, given it's so hard to just get the contract ended.

I think I might just terminate my DD, given it's so hard to just get the contract ended.
While I sympathise, I really wouldn't do that.

At a bare minimum, read the cancellation terms VERY carefully, comply to the letter and be sure to document having done so. Then cancel it. Just cancelling the DD is a good way to end up on a debt collector's list, and/or default marks on your credit record.
“At this summer’s Galaxy Unpacked, we’ll be introducing five new power devices,” says Samsung.
“We used to sell loads of flip phones”
<make flip phone>
“Buy our phones - only a crazy amount of money”
<few buy it>
“Wow this is popular, let's make a bigger, more expensive one…”