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Apple brings Black Friday shopping event to UK customers

by Parm Mann on 26 November 2008, 16:52

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What's a Black Friday you ask? Well, it's an American thing - over in the States, the first Friday after Thanksgiving is labelled Black Friday to herald the start of the Christmas shopping season.

To mark the occasion, numerous stores run one-day mega-sales to which punters flock in massive numbers. Here in the UK, we hear little about it, and this year we'll be left begrudging the event as our pound grows weaker by the day and Brown's VAT reductions offer little hope.

It's a grim-ol' build up to Christmas, but the folks at Apple are sending a little sympathy our way. That's right, Apple has announced that its UK store will also be running a one-day special event this Friday. U.S. customers are expecting to save hundreds of dollars on Mac purchases and it turns out that we could see similar savings, too.

It all sounds promising, but our scepticism remains as we're yet to hear Apple UK mention the word "sale". Indeed, its one-and-only hint at the event mentions only a multitude of gift ideas - we're hoping they'll be available at discounted rates, but it could just be a means of getting us Brits to visit the Apple Store on the big American day of shopping. On the other hand, it could mean cheap-as-Sandisk iPods and iPhones that don't break the bank.

We'll find out soon enough, so keep an eye on the UK Apple Store this Friday as there could be deals to be had.

Source: store.apple.com/uk

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Maybe it's the synic in me but I bet this would never have happened if the pound wasn't as low as it is against the dollar at the moment.

Or maybe it's just a massive co-incidence that this year is the first they have offered it to Brits (and maybe the last until the pound crashes again!)
I might be interested in an iphone, they don't seem to sell them through the website though, only through stores.

Will there be a discount on them in the O2 stores on Friday?
This is now live - loads of Bargains to be had…
Don't forget the 5% quidco cashback too :)
The discounts don't look great to me, except a few items that were silly prices to begin with….