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The Dark Knight: first look at Harvey Dent as Two-Face

by Parm Mann on 17 June 2008, 16:50

Tags: The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. (NYSE:TWX)

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We know that Batman won't be lacking villains in 2008 outing, The Dark Knight. Yet, despite having seen The Joker wreak havoc in various trailers, we've seen or heard very little on the other bad-guy, Two-Face.

Thanks to the never-ending viral campaign, however, we've now got our first look at Harvey Dent's evil side (which you may not want to see if you wish to keep Two-Face's appearance a surprise):

The video, found on viral website whysoserious.com, can be viewed in high definition by clicking here.

It's only 34 seconds in length, and provides just a tiny darkened-look at Two-Face, but doesn't it make your anticipation for this movie reach an all-time high?

Earlier this year, director Christopher Nolan had emphasised the importance of Two-Face by stating: "Harvey Dent is a tragic figure, and his story is the backbone of this film."

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You don't really see anything.. I am really looking forward to this film though.

Begins is one of my favourite comic book movies yet, a vast improvement on the earlier Tim burton / Joel Schumacher attempts which I watched this week just to rememeber how cheesey they are.
The Burton movies had ample amounts of cheese, but I still loved them. The Schumacher movies were just awful.

Begins is the pick of the bunch though. :)
Yeah I mean as.. literal comic book to movie conversions the Burtons movies were good. The cheese does overwhelm me though I have to say.

Schumacher's, well.. I'm sorry but George Clooney is not batman!

Begins is more what I would expect of a Batman movie really.
You had to love Jack Nicholson as Jack Napier though!

Alicia: You look fine
Jack Napier: I didn't ask…

You had to love Jack Nicholson as Jack Napier though!

Alicia: You look fine
Jack Napier: I didn't ask…


haha yeah he was great as the character, it sounds like Heath Ledger put a lot of work into the character though so I'm wondering if he might be even better. I doubt he will have added the comic value that Jack did though.

My favourite part is when both Wayne and Joker vist her apparentment and both say the same thing,

“Nice appartment, lots of space” made me laugh.