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Dark Knight viral campaign reveals global treasure hunt

by Parm Mann on 1 April 2008, 16:26

Tags: The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. (NYSE:TWX)

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Marketing doesn't get much better than this

The seemingly non-stop viral campaign leading up to our #1 must-see movie of 2008 is in full swing once again as fans today unearthed a global treasure hunt.

The viral campaign, which really got going in November 2007, saw the addition of a new website earlier this week, clowntravelagency.com, presumably belonging to The Joker and his gang of clowns.

Originally, the website showed just a suitcase with random country-specific stamps placed upon it. Today, a clickable envelope has revealed that those stamps are actually locations where Batman-related goodies can be tracked down and claimed by fans.

Dark Knight treasure hunt

The locations range from London, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Paris as well as multiple locations in the US and Canada. Precise addresses for various locations are available on the website, and stamps reveal that four locations have already been found and prizes collected.

In Bayswater, London, a bowling ball in a bowling bag was found in the basement of Tavistock Hotel. Are you able to attend any of the other locations? We're certainly intrigued to hear what people find! Seems to me that this is marketing at its best.

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haha! That's really cool, they ought to do something like that for big game releases.