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RED cameras price-drop before Christmas, up to 45 per cent

by Alistair Lowe on 2 November 2012, 10:15

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Have you been staring at that window each and every day, wishing you could become the owner of a new RED camera this Christmas, only to find the price too high?

RED EPIC-X (brain only)

The honest truth is, you'll probably still be staring long past the 25th, however RED has lowered the bar enough for some, as competition and mass production encourage/enable the firm to lower costs on a variety of its units.

  • RED ONE M-X - $4,000 (£2,795) - EoL (End of Line)
  • Scarlet Brain - $7,950 (£5,556)
  • EPIC-X Brain - $19,000 (£13,287)
  • EPIC-X Monochrome Brain - $20,000 (£13,978)
  • EPIC-M Brain - $24,000 (£16,772)
Though End of Line, the ONE M-X had once been worth as much as $25,000, other cameras have dropped up to 45 per cent from their previous cost. RED claims that this "attitude adjustment" is purely a result of scaling-up production, citing that assembly times have fallen from 12 hours to 13 minutes, whilst materials have also become cheaper.

We've tried applying a 12.5 per cent duty fee to our English prices, though VAT would still be payable on-top, the hope is this may give a somewhat better indication of actual UK cost, though, duty fees and conversion rates change often and so the figures above should only been seen as a rough guideline.

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These things are incredible value. Fully featured d-cinema capable camera for under £10k is just madness.

Broadcasters will often pay over 10k for pretty basic 1080i cameras.

One thing you have to remember though is lens price… you would be amazed at how much a lens for one of these beasts is.
Em, what do they do??! :\
They are video cameras for ultra high definition digital cinema
I'm pretty sure this is mostly due to Canon and Sony's attack on this area of the market. Renting has gotten so affordable now, you just need the glass to go with it.
Em, what do they do??! :\

As an example this was shot on a soon to be EoL RED ONE M-X earlier this year in Alderley Edge Woods and a mill in Salford (except the POV shot of the girl spinning which was on a GoPRO), got some interesting looks from dog walkers as a troop of fully kitted Nazi soldiers came marching though the woods :)