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DJI Mavic Air 2 drone delivers "high-grade imaging"

by Mark Tyson on 28 April 2020, 13:11

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Civilian drone and imaging specialist DJI has launched the Mavic Air 2. This product sequel, to the popular 2018 Mavic Air, is said to be rebuilt-from-the-ground-up rather than just a refinement on that design. DJI refers to the new drone as "combining high-grade imaging, intuitive yet advanced flight performance and revolutionary smart and safe technology in the best all-around drone we've ever made." Key attractions of the Mavic Air 2 include; its 8K video functionality, half inch imaging sensor, and enhanced maximum flight time of 34mins.

The new DJI Mavic Air 2 drone uses an easily portable foldable design. It weighs in at a modest 570g but DJI has packed the aerodynamic design with new motors, new electronic speed controllers (ESCs), and enhanced battery technology delivering its extended flight time. Furthermore, the OcuSync 2.0 transmission technology (auto-switching 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz) has been upgraded to deliver an extremely reliable and stable HD video feed from the drone at a maximum distance of 10km with anti-interference tech ensuring a clean video feed.

What about the imaging qualities of the new drone? The half-inch CMOS sensor can provide 48MP photos or 12MP using quad-pixels (saved as JPG or RAW). For video you can shoot in 4K at up to 60fps, 4K HDR at up to 30fps, or FHD at up to 240fps - as well as other lower settings (saved as MP4/MOV up to 120Mbps). The Mavic Air 2 has a microSD slot for cards up to 256GB. The sensor is paired with a 24mm lens with focal range from 1m to infinity, an FOV of 84°, and aperture of f/2.8. DJI's drone should provide sharp and steady footage thanks to the built-in 3-axis gimbal with help from EIS.

Software upgrades provide other desirable features such as HDR photography, Hyperlight low-light imaging, and five category scene recognition. Intelligence features cover the flight of the drone too. Active Track 3.0 allows the Mavic Air to track a subject, while avoiding obstructions and repositioning so the subject becomes visible again. Point of Interest 3.0 sets an auto flight path around an object. Spotlight 2.0 locks a subject in frame while the drone is flown freely around.

In operation users might be thankful for the new safety modes. For example AirSense technology (using ADS-B) can sense other things flying in the vicinity, APAS 3.0 obstruction avoidance, and a geofencing solution to keep your drone out of prohibited airspace, for example.

DJI says that the Mavic Air 2 will be initially available for immediate purchase in China today (manufacturing location). Other regions will begin taking pre-orders today with an expected ship time of mid-May. Pricing was provided for two package options as follows:

  • Standard package: includes Mavic Air 2, one battery, remote controller and all the required wires and cables, for US$799.
  • Fly More package: includes all items from the standard version as well as a shoulder bag, ND filters, charging hub, and 3 batteries, for US$988.

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34 minute air time, 4k60?

That's impressive and will suit a lot of amateur and even business aerial recording very well!

I know someone who does a lot of aerial work for festivals and wasteland weekender and I bet this will be in his cart when it releases.
Does it work over Wifi with an open Telnet connection and a shutdown script in the root directory? Or have they fixed these kinds of tiny issues?

Asking for a friend.
Those 34 minutes are just hovering, if you fly around you only get 25 minutes or so.

I assume the camera are based off the aging Ambarella H2 SOC, which you also find in the DJI Osmo Action and other action cameras, along with the lesser H22 SOC
But all in all it dont seem like a bad deal, you get a okay camera and a okay quadcopter too.