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Nikon launches WiFi cameras

by Steve Kerrison on 2 September 2005, 00:00

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In a move that many would not have expected, Nikon has launched two new digital cameras with WiFi capabilities.

The idea behind the new WiFi cameras is that you can transfer the contents of the camera's memory card or internal memory onto a designated computer when required. Alternatively, if in range, you can take pictures and immediately have them synchronised with a designated PC.

The new cameras, called COOLPIX P1 and COOLPIX P2, have reasonable specifications too. The P1 delivers 8MP while the P2 provides 5.1MP and both feature the 36-126mm Zoom-Nikkor lens.

The thought of sitting your camera on your computer and transferring the images from it is, for me at least, very 'Star Trek'. If Nikon have engineered WiFi into their cameras, we can expect similar solutions from other companies in the not too distant future, be it for cameras or other gadgets and PC peripherals.

Nikon has issued a press release with details on the new cameras.

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I suggested this ages ago…literally…when compact flash wifi cards came out I said that you should be able to use them in cameras…I never tried it but was told that it wouldnt work…fair eonugh…but why has it taken so long to actually be done?
Anyway still cool…