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Novatech takes on Alienware with the X1

by Scott Bicheno on 22 June 2009, 18:48

Tags: Novatech, Alienware (NASDAQ:DELL)

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So much for the recession

We asked Pomroy why it had taken so long after the launch was announced for GTX 280 systems to appear on the market. "There were issues with the NVIDIA supply chain at the time and the initially stated lead times weren't adhered to," he said.

Amazingly, with the Core i7 940 X90 GTX PRO starting at £2643.85, Novatech seems to be shifting a fair few of them. "We took a delivery of them two weeks ago and we're already having to re-order," said Pomroy. So much for the recession.

We concluded by asking Pomroy how he reckons these latest products measure up to Alienware's recently launched ‘all-powerful' M17x notebook. "I'd back our products to give anything Alienware has to offer a run for its money," he said.

The X1 is an 18.4 inch that includes the Intel P9500 Core 2 Duo Mobile, 4GB DDR3, 3 x 500GB HDD and a Blu Ray drive in the base spec, starting at £2068.85. You can have a proper look at it on the Novatech site here.


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18.4" laptop :O_o1: thats just insane i find 17s to be too bulky to transport around. Guess the market is lan gamers mostly though.
And desktop replacement. Yeah, I'd say desktop replacement, but it's too expensive to be considered by the ‘mass’, and I'd guess that enthusiast would for that price try to fit even a small desktop even if they are space constrained.
is Gibbo not here yet? he usually likes to pimp his products.