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Amazon rival Newegg expected to launch in the UK next month

by Mark Tyson on 24 February 2014, 11:30

Tags: Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), eBuyer, SCAN

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US-based online-only electronics store Newegg has announced that it is set to launch its store in the European markets, including the UK, at the end of next month, according to Engadget sources.

In the US, Newegg currently claims up to 25 million registered users and 8.5 million email subscribers. The firm will be aiming at a soft launch, whilst it gains confidence in its shipping and supply lines. Being well-known for its PC and component sales, the firm is hoping to gain a foothold against competitors including Amazon, eBuyer and Scan Computers.

With its European expansion, the firm is expecting to grow quite a bit and is very likely to do so considering its good reputation and current size. With competitive prices and good customer ratings for its shipping service European competitors will have to take a hard stance against the Newegg threat in order to secure their share in the market. It must also be noted that the online store has recently expanded into non-computer-related categories in the US and Newegg launched Premier; a preferential delivery service similar to Amazon's Prime.

Being a UK resident I have never ordered from Newegg but I am happy to see more competition arrive - wanting to secure my PC components, gadgets and electronics orders. I've noticed eBuyer recently stepped up promotions with free next-day delivery and lots of special one-day discounts to email subscribers, that's good timing for the Yorkshire-based e-tailer and I have been 'hooked' a couple of times this new year. It will be interesting to see how the Newegg move into Europe pans out - will it be able to crush its Euro rivals, or will it end up being sent home like Best Buy?

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I'd like to see this. I hope they come to Cardiff - my CV will be sent off straight away!
Always happy to see more choice and competition on the market, but they will have to be good to prise me away from Scan.

Same here - Scan's customer service has never left me wanting. Coupled with their relatively competetive prices and fast/reliable delivery, they are always my first choice when buying. I currently use Amazon for all the bits I can't get from Scan and I may try Newegg for some of these. On the other hand, I already have Amazon Prime, so Newegg at price + delivery would be competing ‘uphill’.
Nice, been wanting this for years :)

Scan has pulled questionable tactics on me a couple of times recently and I only really use them for small things now or when their price is way below others as they are too much of a risk IMO.

eBuyer and Dabs are ok but both their sites are badly laid-out.

Be nice to have another in the arena…..and the potential of a shake-up in pricing.
The more competition, the better.

I've started using Amazon a lot more now due to the lack of hassle in RMAing things. No worries about NFF as long as items are not physically damaged, they're very easy with returns - including unwanted goods. None of this “you were out by a day or two” with distance selling regulations, or partial refunds when things go wrong.

It's just really going to depend on the selection and customer service with NewEgg I think. Most people I know don't mind the extra couple of quid for items if those two come with it.