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US video streaming site Hulu set for UK launch

by Scott Bicheno on 22 May 2009, 10:47

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The future of TV?

Hulu is an online video streaming service, not unlike the BBC iPlayer, that receives content from a large proportion of the US TV companies.

The site has been up and running for a while now, but only for US viewers. However, according to the Telegraph, talks are underway to bring Hulu over here as early as next September.

Hulu was founded two years ago, initially by NBC Universal, News International and Providence Equity Partners. Disney recently bought into the operation, which claims to offer over 1250 prime time TV programmes such as The Simpsons and The Daily Show.

The Telegraph's sources reckon Hulu is hoping to sign a deal with commercial broadcasters in the next few weeks. These include ITV, Channel 4 and BBC Worldwide - the group prevented from launching a video-on-demand joint venture by the Competition Commission earlier this year.

Apparently negotiations are stalling over who controls advertising sales on the platform - Hulu, or the TV companies.


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Does this mean we will be able to watch US TV over here now… or is it just going to be for UK TV?
The indications were that it'd be American and British TV.
However, I would guess that it's only certain (mostly older) shows as much of the US terrestrial television content is split up between pay TV and free-to-air over here so there would be issues with having all the newest stuff. For instance, Sky are/were pushing Lost as a big reason to get their pay TV service, so having it available for free online would cause them a loss of income.
Good news :)
so having it available for free online
So as I understand, the service is free in the US (and probably will be free here as well)?
This would be awesome, I'm really sick of watching American shows in dire quality on the likes of Megavideo.

Cant Wait!