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Enta takes on ASRock and Freecom

by Scott Bicheno on 28 April 2009, 08:15

Tags: AsRock, Enta Group, Freecom

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The more the merrier

Telford distie EntaTech has announced it's taking on two new vendors, in the form of value motherboard vendor ASRock and storage maker Freecom.

Enta already has Gigabyte and DFI for mid to high end motherboards and has filled its portfolio with ASRock. "We've taken ASRock to hit a price point," group VP Jon Atherton told HEXUS.channel.

The Freecom addition is an intriguing one as it already owns a distributor - CCI - which has been pretty much its sole distributor until recently. Enta now joins Northamber and Computers Unlimited as a distributor of Freecom external storage products.

"With access to the top buying groups, as well as niche industrial players throughout the UK, EntaTech is an ideal choice of partner for us as we begin to step into new markets," said David Pye, UK channel manager at Freecom, who joined Freecom from CCI at the start of this year and had previously worked at Centerprise.

"Partnering with Freecom just made sense," said Atherton.  "The company has a great product line and a strong reputation within the industry, which truly help it stand out from the crowd and make it the perfect addition to our existing product portfolio."


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Interesting - does this mean we are likely to see more ASRock mobos coming through the major etailers? I've read some imteresting stuff about recent ASRock releases and it'd be nice to see a few more of them available to the masses!