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Michael Dell feeds the rumour mill

by Scott Bicheno on 25 March 2009, 09:38

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Attention seeking

Sometimes certain companies have a way of hogging the news for a short time and it appears to be Dell's turn this week.

On the channel side, it announced it was finally embracing distribution and we spoke exclusively on TV to Dell's EMEA channel marketing director.

Consumer wise, Dell has braved the global recession and launched a notebook, the price of which starts at £1,649, while on the enterprise side it's set to launch its new "Enterprise Product Portfolio" later today.

All the attention this has brought doesn't seem to be enough for founder and DEO Michael Dell, however, as he's been teasing the world's media at a briefing in Tokyo with a few extra insinuations.

Earlier in the week it was reported that Dell sees a potential acquisition of Sun Microsystems by IBM as an opportunity for Dell. His logic seems to be that the uncertainly this move creates around Sun's Solaris-based servers may lead Sun customers to move to x86 based systems such as those made by Sun.

The juiciest morsel, also widely reported and apparently from the same briefing, has been an admission by Dell that it's looking into a new generation of small-screen devices along the lines of a smartphone or MID.

This has led to further speculation that Dell might snap up Palm, which emerged from the shadows with the launch of the well-received Pre at this year's CES. This would give Dell an instant competitive entry into the smartphone/MID market, something it's yet to develop by itself.


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