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G.Skill jumps on Intel X299 platform with 4,000MHz+ RAM


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And some TridentZ running at 4,800MHz, no less.

G.Skill is no stranger to pushing memory to the limit. At Computex 2017, the company was showcasing its TridentZ RGB kits running on the brand-new Intel X299 platform. We saw demonstrations ranging from 4,000MHz to 4,400MHz. Given that memory capacity may be key for potential X299 users, it was good to see eight modules running at 4,200MHz, offering lots of juicy bandwidth.

We guess G.Skill is saying that having LEDs on top of modules don't interfere with top-tier performance, and we found pretty much the same thing in our review a few months' ago.

Separately, pushing things right to the wire, we saw a TridentZ (non-RGB) kit run at 4,800MHz on an ASRock X299 OC Formula board. Tasty speeds, right?

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