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Phanteks Enthoo Elite is a monster of a chassis


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

But so is the $699 price tag.

4mm-thick aluminium, room for two systems, beautiful glass door and enough mounting points for almost every conceivable build.

Phanteks will support it with a range of custom watercooling that can be bought on a piecemeal basis.

It's massive, it's hugely expensive, but we want it.

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Oh hey that looks really nice!

Right up until the OH HOLY WHAT THE… $699! Gulp.
2 x 480mm ?
Oh hey that looks really nice!

Right up until the OH HOLY WHAT THE… $699! Gulp.

for the right case thats not bad :) and seeing as the right case will last you 10 yrs+ all's good .. :)
Now that I like and loving the place for the SSD
No, even for the right case that is a lot of money. And connectors change. Right now I'd like firewire, eSATA, USB3 and audio as external sockets, but you could easily add thunderbolt to that list for some users. Within a few years there will be other connectors as standard and the case will be outdated again. I kept a chieftec dragon purple case for a few years (until 80mm fans were no longer the norm), and my current cases are showing their age in terms of outdated connectors - they just don't last that long! Besides $699 = screw over the British Ā£699 and that is just insane for a case.