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G.Skill to launch 4,500MHz memory kits for Skylake


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And has an array of massive sizes and low latency kits for Core i7-6950X.

G.Skill has spent the weeks up to Computex preparing a raft of new memory kits for the ever-popular Skylake platform, for laptops and NUCs - though why you'd want 32GB in one is a mystery - and has a bunch of kits for the X99 platform now headed by the Core i7-6950X.

Given the large levels of cache on both processors, we still believe that opting for a mid-frequency kit makes the most sense.

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Wanting 32GB of memory in the Skull Canyon NUC isn't that much of a mystery - with a 4c/8t i7, a decent iGPU, dual m.2 and TB3, it should make a decent video editing rig. Probably decent for other content creation and compute-heavy loads too, as long as size, noise and power are as important as absolute performance.