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EntaLive: Zotac brandishes passive GeForce GTX 750


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

Available in a couple of weeks, pricing in line with a regular GTX 750.

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Kinda interest in this as a inbetween upgrade. Currently using a gtx 260 (216 oc) 750 would be a much needed upgrade but would rather have the 750ti then use it as a low power physx card.
go for it, I had a gtx 275 and was finding BF4 a real struggle - upped to the gtx 770, no crashes (hardly any) since - frame rates are much improved and card is much quieter. I daresay the 750 would be a splendid improvement on your aged 260 and much quieter if my old 275 was anything to go by.
Interesting bit of kit like the idea of a passively cooled card, last one I owned was a Radeon 9600 running in a Northwood P4 computer. The chap presenting looks like Gary Barlow :)