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CES Unveiled - Sennheiser justifies $999 in-ear headphones


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Find out why Sennheiser believes $999 earphones can offer value for money.

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Looks like someone knocked the box up in 5 seconds flat with a craft knife
There are custom IEM that costs more. If Sennheiser really managed to create something that is cheaper, sounds better, without a custom mould there is definitely a niche who would be interested in it. That said, I am not one of them. For the same price, I tend to prefer the sound of full size headphones. The environment I use IEM (commuting), and the source I use in such scenario, doesn't really lend for this grade of equipment (assuming it lives up to it's cost).
They would have to be indestructible for that price… I go through headphones faster than rolls of toilet paper!
Something always seems to break from accidentally stepping on them, or the cable fraying etc
I have over-ear Sennheiser's and they are the best headphones I've ever owned :)
$999 for earbud headphones. Yeah…

I wonder if they use special directional, magnetically-harmonised, unobtanium alloy cables? As heysham said, durability would be a problem, and if they become well-known, would it really be wise to be walking the streets wearing something worth more than most people spend on special-occasion jewellery?