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Review: Sennheiser personal-stereo headsets - PX10, PMX70 & MX90VC

by Bob Crabtree on 6 July 2007, 04:39

Tags: Sennheiser

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Day-tripper John Hill continues his search for the perfect headset for personal stereos, looking at three offerings from Sennheiser - the banded in-ear PX10, the neckband PMX70 Sport and the MX90VC earphones.

For as long as I can remember, and certainly as far back as my first proper hi-fi system (Pioneer PL12D turntable, Armstrong amp and AR speakers), Sennheiser has been a key headphone brand for hi-fi enthusiasts with real-world budgets.

The company's trademark - and almost iconic - sunset-yellow foam earpads have long gone.

But its reputation as one of the world's best headphone-makers is undiminished - and that's a happy starting point for a product review.

We're checking out three Sennheiser models designed for personal stereos - the banded in-ear PX10, the neckband PMX70 Sport and - continuing my quest for comfy earphones - the MX90VC.

The products were tested on a variety of equipment, ranging from a personal CD player and a fifth-generation iPod up to a full-sized rack hi-fi system. Listening also encompassed a spread of musical genres including my album du jour, This New Day by Embrace.

So, let's look at the first contender, the banded in-ear Sennheiser PX10…