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Action Cam!! IN HD!! OMG!


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Dan from Oregon Scientific talks to nick about the new ATC 9K, a full HD camcorder that's small enough to take anywhere, including bolting it onto your head...

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nice framing, zooming and picture-in-picture. the newbie whatsherface is doing a good job :D

as for the action cam - that remote, I take it its infrared, wont the same remote operate every camera that picks the signal up. might get annoying if theres a bunch of you snowboarding around all jumping of the same jumps and you turn everyone elses camera off just as they start the jump :p
Doesn't appear to have image stabilisation, which is a shame for something like that.
Fetaure packed, however, I was disappointed with the bike shot at the end, didnt look HD (dont know whether this is down to compression or a limitation of the provided editing software etc…), id hate to think what non HD looks like.
Colour also seemed off when in the studio. I'd have to see more output videos if I was going to purchase.
Have to say, I'm quite impressed by that. Since Contour dropped their quite reasonably priced 720p camera for their quite expensive 1080p version, I've been keeping an eye out for a good alternative. With the GPS module this seems like a good deal, especially with 720p at 60fps. The map and G overlay would be ideal for track days too.

Speaking of which, don't suppose they (or Hexus?) fancy lending one for a test at Brands Hatch in a few weeks time? ;)
Shad.. I'd love to see that.

Would look good on my rallly car too, and with some Sat Nav / Google Map love, you could see the motor sport action :)

Water proof is brilliant, for swimminng/scuba etc but also just high speed rain!

HDMI output, removable battery, all the cables. Awesome thing :)