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NSFW! - AEE 2010 - iPhone + AEE =?


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NSFW! - At the Adult Entertainment Expo 2010, HEXUS.tv finds a useful app for the iPhone.

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It's easier than that. Right click on the flash area, click “Settings” then click the folder (3rd) tab along the bottom. Set the storage to minimal (nothing) and close. Reload the page, then you can put it back to how it was in the same way.

That'll clear your tv.hexus.net flash cookies.
or more importantly stop being a bit silly thinking its funny to use a silly d.o.b and just use your real one… rather then complain about consequences….

Edited by Nick

ps. Cozwin, your comment was probably meant as a harmless, friendly jibe but it can easily be taken the wrong way. Just because we're covering some stories from the porn industry doesn't mean we're letting the standards drop.


Not a case of funny: if you go around handing out your personal information for random pages that don't even need it I think I know who is the (something rude).
Cozwin/Perfectionist - Pack it in.

Perfectionist - you've been warned by a number of different mods for inappropriate language and personal insults before - if this continues you will be looking at a holiday from Hexus.

You are both more than capable of having a debate without personal insults.