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Kingston 64GB Data Traveler Ultimate USB 3.0 pen-drive review

by Tarinder Sandhu on 1 October 2010, 16:04 4.0

Tags: Data Traveler Ultimate 3.0 64GB, Kingston

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Final thoughts and rating

Kingston's Data Traveler Ultimate is the first USB 3.0 pen-drive that's come under our gaze. Available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, the range-topping model is introduced with a not inconsiderable £140 retail price - making it around £60 dearer than regular 64GB pen-drives that ship without USB 3.0 compatibility.

But the large-capacity drive makes sense if you need to move big files around and have machine(s) equipped with USB 3.0 controllers. The increase in speed is appreciable, as evidenced by our benchmarks, and it's a real boon if you need to fill the pen-drive on a regular basis.

Now with a number of motherboards specifying USB 3.0 and the standard due to be adopted by both Intel and AMD in due course, along with chassis manufacturers integrating the necessary ports alongside USB 2.0, there are compelling reasons to consider the Data Traveller Ultimate 3.0 64GB, assuming you can stomach the price.

The Good

Provides a significant data-transfer boost over USB 2.0 pen-drives
Performs like an eSATA-connected 2.5in hard drive
64GB capacity brings best out of USB 3.0

The Bad

The £140-plus retail price

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Kingston 64GB Data Traveler Ultimate 3.0

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Kingston 64GB Data Traveler Ultimate 3.0

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Is it possible that you could do some destruction testing on this drive?

I have used a number of USB keys both branded and non branded and all have started to fail after a couple of months of constant usage and whilst the speed of this is amazing and the capacity is right up my street I am loath to spend this kind of cash to replace an awkward to carry external HDD, unless the drive is actually reliable long term.
I give 0 marks for attractiveness. Seriosuly, that looks damn ugly!