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Review: G-Technology G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 8TB

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 April 2018, 14:00

Tags: G-Technology

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Performance and Summary

One cannot reasonably expect supreme performance from a single mechanical hard drive, and connected via Thunderbolt 3, the G-Drive manages respectable read and write speeds. In fact, real-world speed is a bit better, evidenced by transferring 52.6GB in 4m 35s, putting it close to a sustained 200MB/s. This, we imagine, is the sort of workload that G-Technology has in mind - creative types transferring huge files to-and-fro.

Our second benchmark involves two scenarios; copying across a folder containing large files such as ISOs; and copying across a program folder full of various small files. Here, the G-Drive does well, easily beating out other spindle-based drives. The underlying HGST spinner even manages to hold its own against a few SSDs.


...the price premium for including a Thunderbolt 3 controller and a top-spec drive pushes the 8TB review model out to an improbable $529...

G-Technology is not a name many are familiar with but it's backed by WD, arguably the biggest name in the storage business. The premium consumer line now adopts the latest Thunderbolt standard in a smart, well-presented enclosure housing mechanical drives up to 12TB is size.

All good, right? Not quite, as the price premium for including a Thunderbolt 3 controller and a top-spec drive pushes the 8TB review model out to an improbable $529 (£430). And one can argue that the masses of bandwidth provided by TB3 is largely wasted here, useful only if you have to daisy-chain a number of devices together. Last but not least, the 7,200rpm drive vibrates loudly even when idle.

Bottom line: there are plenty of fast and spacious external hard drives on the market. G-Technology's G-Drive is good in some respects and merely average in others.

The Good
The Bad
Lots of single-drive capacity
Good looks
Five-year warranty
Software is lacking


The G-Technology G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 8TB external drive is available to purchase from Amazon.


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As if…

You can buy 2 8TB drives for that money.
I guess this is aimed firmly at the video production market. Good for doing backups of raw footage.