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Review: Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 August 2012, 09:30 4.5

Tags: Corsair

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Thoughts and rating

Corsair has brought together all of its PSU know-how from the previous four years and stuffed it into the 80 PLUS Platinum-rated AX1200i Digital. Based on the AX1200 but improving upon it by raising the efficiency and adding a DSP controller for rock-solid regulation, ripple control and data feedback via LINK, while keeping the fan switched off until load gets close to 500W, it's comfortably Corsair's best-ever supply.

Most premium supplies manage to exceed standard specifications easily enough and are thus more-than competent performers for any high-quality PC, but if you're pushing components to the absolute limit, with sky-high voltages and frequencies, having top-class power is a must. Fitting that bill is the £260 AX1200i, and though it seems expensive on first glance, it'll happily power a system costing over 10x its price.

We're looking forward to Corsair rolling out mainstream wattages in the AX 'i' series soon. A 750W model, with the same quality innards, would provide mass-market appeal.

Bottom line: a very high-quality PSU from start to finish, do consider it if running multiple graphics cards and heavily overclocked CPUs is your cup of tea.

The Good

Excellent efficiency and power regulation
Silent at reasonable loads
DSP data feedback is kinda cool
Excellent cabling

The Bad

Nothing of note if you're in the market for a PSU of this ilk

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Corsair AX1200i Digital PSU

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Corsair AX1200i Digital PSU

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complete beast! but £260?
Are we ever going to see this Corsair Link thing in UK stores? Its seems to have been on the way forever now.

If the technology trickles down into the lower end/wattage AX series PSUs i might pick one up.
This review reminded me of the competition, hehe. I would love to try the technology if there would be a AX650i or something, or I'll just have to wait until the prices drop a bit.
Its on the ticklist for my next psu update, lol though its the only one on the list…
complete beast! but £260?

As good as this may seem, Corsair have raised the bar on the price of a high end PSU. This will no doubt filter down to the less powerful models.