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Review: SteelSeries Arctis 7X Wireless

by Parm Mann on 8 March 2021, 14:01

Tags: SteelSeries

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...a familiar feature-set that SteelSeries fans have come to appreciate

SteelSeries's Arctis 7X may be branded as an Xbox-specific gaming headset, yet its strength lies in its ability to connect to a wide variety of hardware, including PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android mobile devices.

As a one-stop solution for multi-platform gamers, the 7X ticks a lot of the right boxes through a familiar feature-set that SteelSeries fans have come to appreciate. The highlights include an extremely comfortable design with retractable mic, up to 24-hour battery life, well-laid-out controls, and a neutral sound that has served the Arctis series well up till now.

We'd liked to have seen SteelSeries make the move to USB-C charging, there's a case to be made for Dolby Atmos support to be included as standard at this price point, and if you're gaming strictly on Xbox hardware, the 9X is a more elegant choice.

Bottom line: comfortable, versatile and delivering a familiar Arctis Series sound, the 7X has to be in consideration when picking a headset to pair with multiple systems.

The Good
The Bad
Versatile connectivity
Familiar Arctis Series sound
Extremely comfortable design
Retractable mic with mute LED
24-hour battery life
No direct connection to Xbox
Default audio settings lack oomph
Micro-USB charging

SteelSeries Arctis 7X Wireless


The Arctis 7X Wireless gaming headset is available to purchase from SteelSeries.


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I've had a pair of Arctis 7's for about a year now and really like them. No headsets fits my head as well as Steelseries (had Steelseries Siberia's before hand). However I was little annoyed to find out you can't just buy the dongle for the 7X and use it with the 7's to get Xbox compatibility (I had no idea about the separate xbox wireless sound protocol). I guess I could be equally annoyed at Microsoft for not supporting any other headset type other than xbox wireless sound but it would have a been a good to have had an upgrade path on such expensive headsets.

On a sidenote - The 7's support DTS Headphone:X 7.1 on the PC - does the 7X not?
Still looks pretty much the same as the Arctis 3, with some colour and a few more features.
In my experience, the shell and ear cups are still bad for anyone wearing glasses. They're springy enough that you never get a good seal..
Even though mine still work, I replaced them with Roccat Khan Pros and am happier.
Still hate the usb-c format, it's expensive to make , expensive to buy and not all usb-c is the same.
It's one of those formats that will end up like e-sata, no two are the same and hence it will die a death that is long over due.
I owned a pair of Arctis 7's last year and there weren't too bad. Didn't fit my head really well and my ears kept sweating.

Switched to Astro's A50s and never looked back, sound quality seemed a bit better, but comfort was quite a bit better.

Astro are nice but it has to be said.. more dough by quite a margin, right?