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Review: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

by Tarinder Sandhu on 23 May 2013, 14:00


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...Nvidia's aim with the GTX 780 is to cement its position amongst gaming enthusiasts, and provide further impetus for the GeForce brand.

The GeForce GTX 780 GPU takes a next-generation name but uses existing technology harnessed from the Titan card.

Bringing the fulsome architecture of Titan down to a lower price point has been achieved by hamstringing the GK110 die through the disabling of a few shader-cores and halving of that massive, mostly-unused 6GB framebuffer.

Appreciating that Nvidia hasn't further meddled with frequency diminution - in fact, GTX 780 is clocked in higher on the core - translates to a card that benchmarks at around 80-90 per cent of its Titan stablemate, or at about the same speed once overclocked.

GK110 provenance also means it's measurably faster than GTX 680 and Radeon HD 7970 GHz, but it should be - Nvidia's second-rung enthusiast card is due to cost at least £550 when stock hits retailers.

We believe Nvidia's aim with the GTX 780 is to cement its position amongst gaming enthusiasts, and provide further impetus for the GeForce brand, to coincide with the inevitable upgrade cycle catalysed by the imminent release of Intel's fourth-generation 'Haswell' CPUs.

Bottom line: A GeForce GTX Titan in all but name, GTX 780 is the one to go for if you're after a truly high-end card that retains a modicum of value. Big, beefy but brutishly fast, it replaces the Titan as our favourite enthusiast card.

The Good

Super-quiet at all times
Wonderfully built; looks the business
Titan-like performance on the relatively cheap

The Bad

Price, as always
Not a new architecture for a bump in nomenclature
Double-precision support disabled

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£549 doesn't sound too bad.
Thanks. Nice round up. Although I am a little nostalgic for the “Table of Doom”.
£549 doesn't sound too bad.

20% faster than the £325 7970 GHz edition, with worse noise and power draw? Then you throw how many games on top for the GHz edition and it's a no brainer. How Hexus can declare this as the “favourite high-end card” is beyond me.
you can get 7970`s for under £300 and theres no way this is worth £250 more.
Pretty smart (or standard, depending on how you view it) move by Nvidia. Release a premium product (TITAN) to test the waters then take it and mass produce a slightly lower end version for the masses (well, it's still a premium product for hardcore PC gamers but I think they'll sell far more of these than TITANs).

Although it's pretty much a rebadge of a feature cut TITAN, it still seems pretty good to me. I'm aware most people hate rebadges though so I may be the only one who thinks that.

Hopefully AMD up their game more to push Nvidia into making something even better than the GTX 780 for their next series.