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Review: MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio

by Parm Mann on 17 September 2020, 14:01


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...for users who sat out the previous crop of cards, Nvidia's latest £649 GPU represents a monumental upgrade.

RTX 3080 is here and with it arrives a new era of smooth 4K UHD gaming with second-generation raytracing in tow. Performance is every bit as impressive as we'd hoped, and for users who sat out the previous crop of cards, Nvidia's latest £649 GPU represents a monumental upgrade.

The question of sheer speed has been answered emphatically, yet it is a sign of the times that other important considerations remain. How will AMD's Radeon 6000 Series compare? Where are the must-have games? Will next week's premium RTX 3090 completely blow the RTX 3080 out the water? And in the midst of a global pandemic, who could blame users for adopting a wait-and-see strategy.

Interesting times indeed, and there's another hurdle facing Nvidia's legion of add-in-board partners. With the standard Founders Edition improving with each generation, there's less scope for dearer custom-cooled derivatives. Nvidia's board still isn't perfect, yet it ticks enough of the right boxes to be the go-to choice at £649. Partner cards will feel the squeeze, and we're of the opinion that any RTX 3080, irrespective of overclock or cooling, should attach no more than a 10 per cent premium. £699, ideally, ought to be the absolute limit.

That very dilemma puts the £760 Gaming X Trio in a tight spot. Such a premium is tough to justify in the face of the more affordable Founders Edition, but that's the price you pay for what is one of the fastest and quietest RTX 3080s around.

The Good
The Bad
Chart-topping performance
Excellent at QHD and 4K UHD
Faster, cooler and quieter than Founders
Fans switch off at low load
Solid build quality
Requires three power connectors
Not a great deal of overclocking potential
Significant premium over Founders Edition

MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio


The MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio is available to purchase from Scan Computers.


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All the RTX 3080's are a paper launch. Went OOS within 10 seconds on Nvidia site and both Scan and Overclockers sites are still down. Scan has put in a DDoS filter. Could have bought one at CCL Online for £759, a Gigabyte model but not available until 1st October. I'm not paying that much over the MRSP thank you. Further stock also not expected until early 2021. Come on AMD let's see what you can do. Let's wipe the smug grin off The Jacket's face.
I wonder what the undervolting is like on these if they are so close to the edge as the last few MHz in speed always requires the most power to achieve.
Am I seeing the picture on the first page right? With the support bracket, this is a 4.5 slot card??!
My guess is they should undervolt quite well, guess we'll have to wait for Optimum Tech's inevitable video on this…
Am I seeing the picture on the first page right? With the support bracket, this is a 4.5 slot card??!

Looks that way but you ‘should’ still be able to put something underneath the support bracket (I was already thinking I'd need to buy one anyway so bonus points it's included)…. personally I'd have designed the gpu to have it built in but that's just me.

Would have liked to have seen some cpu and case temps compared to the founders editions (didn't see it mentioned anywhere but I may have missed it) because with the new ‘approach’ it's something I'm curious about as ‘heat’ is a major consideration when I'm rendering etc.