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MSI teases Trident, a compact and lightweight "true gaming PC"

by Mark Tyson on 4 November 2016, 14:01

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MSI is readying yet another compact gaming PC. This one might be its smallest, most lightweight serious gaming PC yet as it is described as a "true gaming PC". While a video published to tease this new upcoming product didn't reveal much of substance a newly uploaded sneak peak photo published by MSI Global on its Facebook page shows the product quite clearly.

With the MSI Trident customers are encouraged to "Think small. Play big." MSI has set up a dedicated Trident website where you can catch a glimpse of the new gaming PC and check a countdown timer to launch time.

The problem with the teaser video is that it shows a mainly black PC positioned within a mainly black/dark environment. In the video the Trident emerges from the ground and we see its signature corner styling with a trio of red glowing vectors – as if hot magma is trying to escape from one corner of the chassis.

In its Facebook gallery yesterday MSI provided a much clearer look at the Trident. Helpfully it provides a product shot with the "compact and lightweight true Gaming PC" sitting next to a matching style MSI gaming mouse, keyboard, headset and backpack. If that wasn't enough to provide scale, some construction lines tell us that while positioned upright the MSI Trident will be 34.6cm tall and 23.2cm deep, but we don't know the exact thickness of the machine.

So the MSI Trident is "coming soon" but the PC and components maker hasn't provided any tips about the components inside. With new laptops featuring VR-Ready configurations being released regularly in recent times, it shouldn't be hard for MSI to make a slim and powerful desktop to match up to its claim of the Trident being "the world's smallest VR Gaming PC." On the topic of 'VR readiness' this PC makes sure to offer up conveniently positioned USB and HDMI ports.

According to the MSI countdown clock we will have all the pertinent Trident details about a week and a half from now. The reveal looks set for Tuesday, 15th November, at 5.30pm GMT.

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Looks big for a “compact” gaming PC to me. I suppose if it's ultra-slim that's understandable, but I'm not holding my breath…
Stick a graphics card into any old PC and it's a ‘true’ gaming pc. These marketing people suck at times.
Look markedly bigger than the Alienware Alpha!!
Looks big for a “compact” gaming PC to me. I suppose if it's ultra-slim that's understandable, but I'm not holding my breath…

I doubt it, that looks like a standard GPU cooler through the window.

I'm guessing it's effectively an ML08/RVZ01 shortened so it only takes standard length expansion cards rather than longer ones. That's 8.7cm thick so if we assume MSI has shaved a little of that as they have off the height them it would be 34.6cm x 23.2cm x 8cm or approximately 6.4L. That would make it slightly bigger than the 225mm x 203mm x 128mm (5.8L) Zotac EN1080 but it's presumably got an internal PSU instead of the external one of the Zotac.

So it's unlikely to be anything special but it could be a nice small case if MSI can be persuade to release one without their usual horrible stealth bomber with red highlights cladding.
That's not far off the profile off a sheet of A4 paper and if we assume it fits in the backpack along with the other accessories, it shouldn't too thick.

I abhor the MSI gaming aesthetic but I think their existing SFF gaming cases are fairly volume efficient, more so if they get rid of the silly plastic bits. I've got reasonably high expectations for this one.