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Microsoft Surface keyboard and Surface mouse outed by FCC

by Mark Tyson on 7 October 2016, 15:01

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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It has been a rather long time since Microsoft last refreshed or updated anything in its Surface line of devices. In fact, the Surface Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book 2-in-1 were unveiled almost exactly a year ago. However, there are rumours swirling around of new Microsoft hardware being launched at an event later this month. Windows phone fans might be hoping for a Surface phone to rescue that platform from decline, however the only evidence of what is to come (so far) points towards the unveiling of the first Surface All-in-One computer.

Recently leaked FCC documents show that Microsoft has a couple of new 'Surface-branded' PC peripherals in testing. They could be sold separately but the weight of option is on them being accessories bundled with a Microsoft Surface AiO PC system.

Unfortunately for fans of good ergonomics the keyboard and mouse which will bear the Surface branding look to be designed as minimal flat objects. The keyboard looks very much like the original aluminium iMac keyboard with its scrabble tile keys from a decade ago and the mouse doesn't look great for long-term pointer pushing and clicking, due to its 11cm long flat-as-a-pancake profile.

Windows insider Paul Thurrott reckons the mouse is based upon a previous design, the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse, which he refused to review at launch due to its obvious "terrible, non-ergonomic design."

Since February, when HEXUS first reported on a possible upcoming Microsoft Surface AiO, there have been more signs of an AiO on the way. Further Microsoft patent sketches were revealed at the end of August by MSPowerUser. Those drawings showed both a fold-down monitor design and a more compact modularity feature. Interestingly the modular block doubles as a stand and some patent sketches showed that the screen angle could be controlled by hand gestures.

Would HEXUS readers be interested in a Surface AiO with the above features, or do you think Microsoft should concentrate its hardware development resources on other market segments?

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