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Dell will make and sell Intel-based Macs if allowed

by Bob Crabtree on 24 June 2005, 00:00

Tags: 3Com

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Dell would make and sell Intel-based Macs if allowed

According to Fortune columnist David Kirkpatrick, Dell's founder Michael Dell says his company would make and sell Intel-based Mac computers if Apple allowed it.

Kirkpatrick also reports that Apple didn't even talk to AMD about pitching for its processor business - according to Henri Richard, AMD's chief sales and marketing officer.

In his June 16, Fortune column, Kirkpatrick relates how he emailed Michael Dell asking whether or not Dell would fancy producing Intel-based Apple computers running Mac OS.

He quotes Dell as replying, "If Apple decides to open the Mac OS to others, we would be happy to offer it to our customers".

To have your say on whether Apple should allow other companies to make Mac computers visit this DVdoctor forum. The thread is about our recent interview with Canopus's chairman Hiro Yamada, who poo-poo'd the idea of Apple allowing other companies to build Intel-based Apple Mac PCs.

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:eek: Great find, thanks!

Cheers Dave, reserved one in Perth, for the kids (and me after a few beers on Christmas night :)

cheers Dave, reserved one for a mate at work who has been thinking about getting one and the conga as well

Cheers Dave, reserved one in Perth, for the kids (and me after a few beers on Christmas night :)

Thank you Daveham ! You did me a great favour.. was a bargain !
Had a quick go, thought its very involving :D

Now just gota get some controllers and few games, anyone got ideas where to look !? for games will be one of the cheapest places, but you wont get it before chrimbo.
Otherwise get it from GAME : If its cheaper elsewhere get them to match it. Advantage is, you can take them back if you dont like them and have your money back / change them.