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CEDIA Expo - HP's new DLP, plasma and LCD TVs

by Bob Crabtree on 21 September 2005, 00:00

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HP is bringing out new lines of DLP, plasma and LCD TVs

HD LCD TV sets

Three HP Pavilion High-Definition LCD TV sets – the 26in LC2600N, 32in LC3200N and 37in LC3700N - are due in the USA and Canada this month. They're said to automatically adjust "image quality" according to ambient light levels and offer "unparalleled" digital connectivity - CableCARD slots, HDMI, DVI and FireWire.

High-definition HP plasma TVs

There are two new plasma HDTVs - the 42-inch (PL4200N) and the 50-inch (PL5000N) models. Both deliver up to 8 billion colors and 2,048 levels of gradation. They have integrated an CableCARD slot and HDMI, as well as a built-in memory card slot, and a six-speaker sound system. You can grab one in the United Stated and Canada this month.

High-definition DLP-based projection TV sets

The giant back-projection TV sets – HP calls them microdisplay televisions (MDTVs) – are DLP-based and span three sizes, 50in, 58in and 65in and will be available in the USA and Canada in October.

The 65in MD6580N and 58in MD6580N offer a resolution of 1080p and have a built-in CableCARD slot. The 58in model also comes in a lower 720p. The smallest, 50in MD5020N is only available in 720p, and also lacks the CableCARD slot.

All have 10 front inputs plus on-screen video-input selection - using a set of thumbnails to show what's coming in on each input.

More information about the products mentioned above is available in an online press kit at

You can get the full press release in our forums, here.