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Kingston ushers in second-gen SSDNow V Series drives

by Parm Mann on 12 February 2010, 12:58

Tags: Kingston

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Having revamped its performance-orientated SSDNow V+ Series SSDs last month, Kingston has today turned its attention to its value SSDNow V Series line.

The second-generation drive, available in 64GB and 128GB capacities, comes equipped with the new JMicron 618 controller and promises higher performance than its predecessor, as well as added support for Windows 7's TRIM command.

There's still no sign of TRIM support making its way to Kingston's previous-generation models, but the company's internal benchmarks suggest the new-and-improved 2.5in drive will offer sequential read speeds of up to 200MB/s, whilst write performance hits 110MB/s for the 64GB model and 160MB/s for the larger 128GB drive.

As with Kingston's previous offerings, the drive will be available as a stand-alone unit, or as part of notebook/desktop bundles that include disk-cloning software, drive mounts and SATA cabling.

The 64GB and 128GB stand-alone drives carry a suggested retail price of £112.48 and £195.79, respectively. We're still some way from reaching the £1-per-gigabyte sweet spot, but Kingston's latest range is one of the cheapest available.

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(well, someone had to ask…)

(well, someone had to ask…)
The drives use the new JMicron 618. :)

(well, someone had to ask…)

The Article
comes equipped with the new JMicron 618 controller

So, a JMicron, but a new one. Presumably without any of the issues with earlier JMicron controllers…

EDIT: hmph, damn those responsive Hexus staff… ;)
damn - wish I could read properly… :embarrassed:

Am I right in thinking that where an SSD quotes sizes of standard 32gb ,64gb, 128gb, etc…, the actual usable space will be significantly less as the SSD will “rope off” a section to use for wear levelling etc… e.g. I understood that the vertex 120 gb is actually a 128gb drive, but they're just being honest about how much space you get to use.

On a similar point, are SSD's subject to the GB vs GiB issue of normal HDD's?

The 64GB drives are starting to tempt me, but if it's only 60Gb usable space, and then even less because of the GiB issue, I would be even less confident about whether it would be enough even for a system drive, applications and a couple of games.
On a similar point, are SSD's subject to the GB vs GiB issue of normal HDD's
They shouldn't be, because flash is addressed and arranged to base-2.