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AMD StoreMI drive fusing technology reaches EOL

by Mark Tyson on 7 April 2020, 11:11


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AMD published a notification last month about the fate of its StoreMI technology. If you are unaware of StoreMI, it was outlined in the HEXUS review of the Aorus X470 Gaming 7 Wi-Fi motherboard, as it was introduced with support via the first AMD 400-series chipsets. Later in the year I wrote an article expanding on the features and benefits of StoreMI on 400 series motherboards.

In brief, StoreMI was software than on the 400 chipset or newer AMD motherboards enabled users to combine all the storage in their PCs into one volume. The software then acted to move the most frequently used apps and files onto the fastest storage you had installed - optimising the system's performance. AMD trumpeted the following claims about the tech: users can launch Windows up to 2.4 times faster, games at up to 2.8x faster, and applications at up to 9.8x faster.

AMD StoreMI downloads ceased to be available at the end of March (the Product Change Advisory (PCA) gave just two weeks notice). Thankfully the software, if downloaded and installed, will continue to function as it is now - it won't be deactivated but "AMD will no longer provide any technical or end user support," it says in the PCA.

AMD's technology partner for StoreMI was Enmotus and it seems like the relationship has broken down or just run its contractual course, as of 31st March. It is more likely just a matter of timing and the contract with Enmotus not being renewed for commercial reasons, as AMD still name-checks "alternative solution such as Enmotus FuzeDrive," for those who are interested in StoreMI functionality right now but have just missed the download opportunity.

However, if you aren't in a rush for a hybrid storage solution like AMD StoreMI, and you aren't likely to be otherwise you would have downloaded it last month, AMD teases that it will have its own "replacement solution with a rearchitected feature set," for storage acceleration ready for Q2 2020. Hopefully AMD's home-grown solution will support SSD partitions greater than 256GB too. We look forward to checking out AMD's hybrid storage software release before, at the latest, the end of June.

Source: AMD PCA (PDF) via AnandTech

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Never heard of this but wish I had, sounds like something I would have used
Anyone tried it?